What Are HBCU Tour Ambassadors?

Represent your university as a representative of the HBCU Tour & the #1 Platform for Diversity Unchainedinc. They’re interested in gaining marketing experience, networking, branding HBCU Tour on their campus, and finding career opportunities. 

HBCU Tour Roles

Ambassador – This person is a team player, natural leader and oversees a team of ambassadors on their campus. HBCU Tour Ambassadors work as the leading face of HBCU Tour at their specific university. The HBCU Tour Ambassadors can write proposals to the board of directors at HBCU Tour to get community events, services, and things related to helping or bettering their HBCU approved. HBCU Ambassadors can recruit more ambassadors to help increase engagement for on campus events with approval from your HBCU Tour Regional Director.

Increase Networking Opportunities

As an HBCU ambassador, you have the opportunity to participate in marketing tasks such as posting on social media, putting together events, selling merchandise, and participating in official HBCU Tour-sponsored events. Ambassador.

Notable Events: 

  • HBCU Tour 
  • Homecoming Tour
  • Workshops
  • Career Fairs
  • Vendor Pop-Up Shops
  • Career Days